1. In the table below, click the course title to see the course description and learning outcomes for the course.
  2. Click on “Enroll” to begin the course and the "Launch" tab to start the education. Any course listed as “participants are direct enrolled” require contacting kfauble@icahn.org for enrollment.

Participants are direct enrolled into: Nurse Preceptor and Rural Nurse Residency Programs                 

Enroll at your convenience to: 

Sexual Harassment 1.0 Contact Hour
Improving Medication Management in Patients with Hypertension 1.0 Contact Hour
Vaccine Updates & Review of Clinical Guidelines 1.0 Contact Hour
What’s New in Cardiovascular Medicine 1.0 Contact Hour
What’s New in Diabetic Medication Options 1.0 Contact Hour
Patient Safety Series 1: Crucial Conversations & Communication  1.0 Contact Hour
Patient Safety Series 2: Transitions of Care: Handing Off the Baton 1.0 Contact Hour
Patient Safety Series 3: Gotta Make It Better: Culture & Performance Improvement 1.0 Contact Hour
Professionalism in Nursing 1.0 Contact Hour
Serving as a Clinical Coach 1.0 Contact Hour

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