ICDW: ICD-10 Coding February 2015 Monthly Webinar

ICD-10 Coding Success Monthly Webinar

Broadcasted: February 18, 2015

10:00 AM - 11:30 AM EDT

This month, Dr. Dunnick will begin the physician CDI series covering common diagnoses from chapters 1-4 of the ICD-10-CM. He will focus on what is new with ICD-10-CM and where documentation will need to include greater specificity in order to apply codes. Jenan Custer with HCCS will apply what Dr. Dunnick presents with a coding workout for all coders and others to practice. Please have your ICD-10-CM code books ready! Annie Lee Sallee will wrap up the webinar including a review of the task list and where you should be to date. 


February Agenda ~ Part I: Physician CDI Series

  • Introduction - Kathy Whitmire
  • Payer Update - Dale Gibson & Leanne Layne
  • Part I: Physician CDI series (ICD-10-CM Chapters 1-4) - Dr. James Dunnick
  • Coding Success Monthly Training - Jenan Custer
  • Task List - Annie Lee Sallee
  • Webinar Wrap-up - Annie Lee Sallee & Kristy Thomson 


For more info. regarding our ICD-10 program, contact Annie Lee Sallee at annielee.sallee.hth@gmail.com.


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