HSFTC: O'Brien & Feiler - Medicaid Eligibility, A New Look

The purpose of this webinar is to provide a look at a different way of considering Medicaid eligibility. Viewer will have the opportunity to compare and contrast traditional eligibility efforts with in-sourced efforts, and will learn about the interplay between SSI/Disability and Medicaid eligibility.

The Law Firm of O’Brien & Feiler (OBF) are Medicaid Eligibility and Disability experts who work with hospitals and their patients to assist with the Medicaid application process. Patients will often only qualify for Medicaid when they obtain benefits through Social Security. As a law firm that specializes in Disability and Medicaid benefits, our attorneys provide patient representation at every level of application and appeal in the SSI/Disability process. The OBF team keeps the application for Medicaid current through the course of the adjudication period. Once the case is resolved and the patient is qualified for Medicaid, the healthcare provider receives the patient’s Medicaid ID number and the dates of coverage for billing. All Medicaid Eligibility solutions are custom designed to best fit the strategic goals of the providers OBF serves.

Please contact Thomas O’Brien at 1-800-486-7614 x 108 or Thomas @OBFLegal.com.


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