COMP15 LTC: Meeting Mobility, Sexual and Nutritional Needs


The increasing size of the aging population is focusing the attention of health professionals on their special needs and problems. It's estimated the elderly occupy 60% of the hospital beds and consume 60% of all health services. These figures will increase as more people move into this growing population. Besides acute care, the nurse will need to pay attention to helping the elderly maintain their independence and optimum health status. The nurse can contribute to the quality of life by helping to maintain mobility and promote self care, by fostering intimacy and sexual adjustment, and by optimizing nutrition. Ways to provide nursing care to help meet these needs are the focus of this lesson.


Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of this course, student will be able to:

- Describe the pathophysiologic changes and nursing interventions for rheumatoid arthritis and degenerative joint disease.
- List the potential problems associated with sexual dysfunction in the elderly, and how to help the person cope.
- Describe seven physiologic changes associated with aging that affect nutritional status, and how to help the elderly maintain and/or improve nutritional status.
- List techniques for teaching groups that will enhance patient education.


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