COMP15 LTC: Food Safety and You


This course provides an overview of food safety measures as they pertain to food preparation in nursing homes and assisted living facilities.


LEARNING OUTCOMES: Upon completion of this course, student will be able to:
- Define foodborne illness.
- Identify who may be at a higher risk for foodborne illnesses.
- Explain how to avoid food contamination.
- Describe proper food handling techniques.


Learning Outcomes Standard: Based upon FDA regulations.

Learning Outcomes Conditions:
Listen to voiced course in its entirety.
Complete course within 30 days.
Pass all quizzes with a 80% or better.
Complete Course Evaluation.
Handouts provided in the Digital Library.
Glossary Terms provided in the Glossary.

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HomeTown Health, LLC, 3280 Cherry Oak Lane, Cumming, Georgia 30041

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