COMP15 LTC : Resident Rights: The Art of Caring


All residents have important rights, that are protected under federal and state laws. These rights, range from the freedom to make decisions about their own care, to the freedom from unnecessary restraints and abuse, either verbal or physical. This lesson describes those rights, and illustrates appropriate methods personnel can use to safeguard them while providing quality care.

Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of this course, student will be able to:
- Identify the specific rights that are protected by federal and state law.
- Discuss the importance of the individual resident's right to be informed, both orally and in writing, and when this should occur.
- Describe how the right to self-determination and the rights to association and communication can be implemented.
- Discuss circumstances when the right to privacy must be protected.
- Identify personnel's responsibilities to insure the resident's right to freedom from abuse and restraint.
- List the areas of personal care that a resident should receive to insure quality of care and dignity.

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