PASCHHS221-17: Advanced Customer Service: The AIDET Model [0.1 CEU]


In the current healthcare environment, customer satisfaction and patient experience are interwoven into your facility’s reimbursement and are a significant part of your facility’s reputation. A positive patient experience, related to effective and consistent customer service excellence, affects you as an employee, the patients and their families, your facility and your community. Customer Service directly affects your patients – and how they feel about the care they receive and the competency of your facility. Excellent Customer Service experiences also are the most public demonstration of your facility’s dedication and expertise to your local community. In this course we will discuss the basic premises of customer service, the challenges and benefits associated with great customer service and the AIDET model.

In order to receive your completion certificate and 0.1 CEU credit/ 1 credit hours for this course, all learning outcome conditions must be met including a score of at least 80% on all quizzes and completion of the course evaluation


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Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of this course, student will be able to:

  • Recognize your responsibility in the patient/family experience
  • Identify the 5 parts of AIDET
  • Describe successful and effective communication strategies from the AIDET model


Learning Outcomes Standard: 

Based upon the healthcare industry's successful use and acceptance the AIDET model.


Learning Outcomes Conditions:

  • Listen to voiced course in its entirety.
  • Complete course within 30 days.
  • Pass all quizzes with a 80% or better.
  • Complete Course Evaluation.
  • Handouts provided in the Digital Library.
  • Glossary terms can be found in the main HTHU Glossary.


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